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#2019 · Welcome Mystic
Written on June 27, 2020, 1:33 pm
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Woof! So this happened. We now have a little monster puppy destroying our house and sleep patterns. She has been home a few days. We named her Mystic Rhythms after the Rush song. Mystic is one extreme to the other. Zipping across the floor bouncing off walls (literally) to sleeping across you like a sack of potatoes. She is a intelligent and inquisitive little thing. Looking forward to the many steps we'll take together are we explore the region.

I've enjoyed working from home since Covid hit. I've never liked commuting and it saves so much time and energy. But alas, I'm back to the grind on Monday. Additionally, I've been told my work station has been moved, possibly to the worst desk in the office. Monday is going to be tough. I haven't had to work a full day for months. Ugh...

Got my hair cut today. I feel a bit more human. The sideburns were out of control. The cut is now full of process and procedure. It seems exhausting.

At least the Premier League is back. Go Spurs! I don't feel as optimistic for North American sports. We sure incapable of keeping ourselves out of harms way.

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