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#2025 · The Looong Weekend
Written on October 16, 2020, 8:26 am Post update(s): 1 See updates!
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FallFall Long weekends can be a strange time. You figure you have all this time and develop grandiose plans and expectations but reality is people get tired and things often unfold in a different manner. This was true for the past long weekend. It was Thanksgiving and we planned on visiting my Mom but the more we talked about it, in light of the Covid restrictions, it became more apparent that it was probably not a good idea. So that was sadly cancelled. The wife did make a glorious turkey breast which we ate at close to 9PM. It ALWAYS takes longer in our oven.

We took the rat out for her first hike in Albion Hills.

The slope now!The slope now! The big thing that was done however - and maybe why nothing else got done - was planting the front garden and shrubs in the back slope. That was a big job that we have been chipping away at over the past several weekends. We got most of it done - so, that feels pretty good.

OMG Sabres signed Taylor Hall.

Got another Cottage Boyz Weekend... Pray for me.

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